Bicycle - symbol for a new age.

Some of the most powerful things that have effected change throughout history appear to have been symbols.

Symbols hint at something bigger, deeper, beyond.....

Our household was blessed recently to have hosted Hutch - a wonderful kind man in his seventies, cycling the world, meeting people...and planting seeds of hope. 

(We have met some wonderful folk through the "Warm Showers List" - where people from all over the world offer hospitality to cycle tourists.  "Sign up!" is my advice!)

So bicycle as symbol resonates as we explore new territory of post-imperialism, of healthier more connected more local lives.  Lives operated at a speed where our communities can encouter us - and we our communities.

One challenge is for us to develop a new vocabularly - of sharing, inter-connectedness and inter-dependence.  Shock!  Horror!  Dependency is a GOOD thing!  A simple example may be our dependency on our good earth and her ability to sustain life?  

One of Hutch's profound messages for me was how we appear to have lost our connection with language.  He said "Humpty Dumpty" in Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking-Glass" said, "I can make the words mean whatever I like, the question is who is master!" - or similar!

Bicyle - Symbol of freedom from the tyranny of imperialism.  Bicycle - Symbol of hope for a healhier, more connected, more resilient future.

Over the past week I've seen several mature women on bicycles cycling around Whangarei (panniers, baskets, racks) - Viva la revolucion!!