New research: what kinds of infrastructure do new cyclists want?

This research, which was conducted from July 2008 to January 2010, investigated what type of cycling infrastructure would encourage 'new cyclists' (i.e. people who either do not currently cycle at all, or people who do not currently cycle for utilitarian trips) to use cycling as their mode of transport for daily activities in New Zealand.

Give Way Rule Change

Planning is underway for an intensive public information campaign for changes to two give way rules that will come in on the 25 March 2012.

The campaign will be run in the month leading up to the date of the actual change on 25 March 2012, with national advertising starting ten days before the change. This late February start date is necessary to avoid public confusion and minimise the risk of people starting to use the new rules too early. This thinking is based on best practice when Victoria, Australia changed a similar rule in 1993.


Model Communities shortlist announced: Nelson, New Plymouth, Hastings and Taupo

In mid January 2010 guidance was released to Approved Organisations (AOs) seeking expressions of interest in becoming a walking and cycling model community.  Applying to be a model community is a two stage process and as part of stage one, 22 proposals were received from interested councils.

NZTA consultation on SH1 Basin Reserve plans

Claire and I were briefed by NZTA on Basin Reserve plans. Here's our notes.

In February 2010 NZTA will start 6 weeks of formal consultation on options for the Basin Reserve: flyover, etc.
Do nothing is unlikely to be an option.
A preferred option is expected to be announced in May.
Construction is pencilled in for 2012-15.
This is part of a Road of National Significance (Levin to Airport).
Note new GPS, transport priorities etc
Project still depends on getting funding from NLTP. 

NZTA Stepping Forward Newsletter - October 2009

October issue of Stepping Forward, the NZ Transport Agency’s newsletter on the implementation of a three-year transport planning, programming and funding cycle in New Zealand.

This edition covers the following topics:

• NLTP: Managing activities to programme and budget

• NLTP: New reporting tool makes it a bit easier

• Links to the national and regional NLTP documents

• Getting value for money through procurement

• Review of efficiency of SuperGold card