NZTA consultation on SH1 Basin Reserve plans

Claire and I were briefed by Tony Brennand from NZTA today on Basin Reserve plans. Here's our notes.

In February 2010 NZTA will start 6 weeks of formal consultation on options for the Basin Reserve: flyover, etc.
Do nothing is unlikely to be an option.
A preferred option is expected to be announced in May.
Construction is pencilled in for 2012-15.
This is part of a Road of National Significance (Levin to Airport).
Note new GPS, transport priorities etc
Project still depends on getting funding from NLTP.

NZTA is informally briefing stakeholders including Cycle Aware Wellington, Living Streets, residents' groups, Massey, Police, fire, bus operators etc. 
Ministry of Culture and Heritage are project partners, as they have plans for a war memorial park on Buckle St. Trenching this part of the road could be an option.

Tony asked us what issues we might have.

Our responses:
- thanks for consultation at an early stage
- we aren't convinced this project is needed
- there are better uses of transport money, travel demand management etc
- lessons learned from Karo Drive / bypass
- if it does go ahead, we're concerned about access across as well as along the route.