Give Way Rule Change

Planning is underway for an intensive public information campaign for changes to two give way rules that will come in on the 25 March 2012.

The campaign will be run in the month leading up to the date of the actual change on 25 March 2012, with national advertising starting ten days before the change. This late February start date is necessary to avoid public confusion and minimise the risk of people starting to use the new rules too early. This thinking is based on best practice when Victoria, Australia changed a similar rule in 1993.

The NZTA is developing the public information campaign material and work is well underway. The core communications for each of the give-way rule changes will be tested on the public to ensure that the correct information is conveyed and understood. We will be developing some images of the new give-way rules featuring cyclists. These images will be updated in the Cycle Skills Training Manual and the Cyclist Rode Code.

The national advertising campaign is expected to include TV, radio, print, online and a leaflet drop to all households.. In addition, the NZTA website will include a video and a quiz so the public can test themselves on their knowledge. There will be leaflets and posters available for download and in key locations.

We want to ensure that those training cyclist should continue to teach the current give-way rules until they change. There is no need to teach the new ones now. You may want to flag with trainees that some of the rules are changing and direct them to to find out more. This website will be updated with more information as we move closer to March.

We are providing similar advice to driving instructors as we are trying to minimise the risk of any road user using the new rules too early.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Jennie Gianotti
Manager Network User Behaviou, NZTA


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