Cycle Aware Wellington

Wellington Cycling: What do we want?

Want better cycling in Wellington?
Do you love to ride but don't want to mix with busy traffic? Want more bike lanes?

Thanks to everyone who turned out at the WCC Cycling Forum on 1 May.
Last week we got news that Wellington had slipped form third worst to absolute worst for cycling crashes in NZ. What a disgrace. Clearly we need to lift our game, and the current spending of $1.3 million is failing to deliver safer cycling.

WCC consults on Thorndon Quay - safety improvements for cyclists

Please support the Council's proposal to improve cyclist safety on Thorndon Quay. Make a submission  - it only takes a couple of minutes.


Over the past 10 years, the average number of commuter cyclists on Thorndon Quay has increased from 75 to 300 per hour during peak hours. The average reported crashes between cycles and vehicles have also increased from one to six per year, making Thorndon Quay one of the most dangerous roads in Wellington for cyclists.

Have your say on WCC Annual Plan 2014

Want better cycling? Have your say today.
Good news: the city council is planning to invest $4.3 million in cycling next year, up from $1.8m.
But without strong community support, we could lose that funding, and be stuck with a few green bike boxes and crappy bike lanes.
Our Council needs to limit any increase in rates, and also has to fund libraries, pools, events, earthquake strengthening etc.
We need to let our Councillors know that safer and better cycling is a priority.

Cycling is the new golf

caption: Hagley Park, Christchurch

Wellington City Council is proposing to build a safer cycling route from island Bay to the Wellington CBD.
No one thinks making people cycle up busy Island Bay Parade and Adelaide Rd is a good idea. What are the best ways forward?

A DomPost story quotes Ray from the golf club and Paul from the Council but no cyclists.
Here's our 2 cents.

Complete Streets: Island Bay - CBD cycle route: briefing to Newtown Residents Assoc

Complete Streets
streets for everyone

Island Bay - CBD cycle route: briefing to Newtown Residents Assoc
17 June 2013

What's your favourite parts of Wellington?
Harbour, parks, Cuba St, Lambton Quay, Riddiford St during Newtown Festival

Fvourite cities?
Venice, Paris, Las Vegas - make a point about what makes these favourites - easy to walk, lots of people, lively streets