National Land Transport Programme 2009 - 2012

Through the first three-year National Land Transport Programme
(NLTP) 2009-2012 the NZTA allocates funds to approved organisations for
land transport infrastructure and services. While aligning regional and
national views in deciding on the most appropriate allocations of $8.7
billion worth of funds, the NLTP gives effect to the Government policy
statement on land transport funding 2009/19 – 2018/19 (GPS).

2009-2012’s primary focus is a series of targeted investments that will
help to address the important challenges New Zealand faces with land
transport – in particular improving the efficiency of key transport
routes, improving public transport and easing severe congestion in key
urban areas, upgrading important freight and tourism routes, and
improving safety and access to markets, employment and areas that
contribute to economic growth.

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