Ministry of Transport Safer Journeys Consultation

"We are preparing a road safety strategy called Safer Journeys to take us through to 2020, and we want to hear what you think about our ideas to improve road safety in New Zealand.

We have launched a discussion document that presents New Zealand's key road safety challenges and outlines 60 possible initiatives to address them. It is not the intention to introduce this many initiatives, but we want to have a public discussion which gathers together all possible interventions and considers which are the most important to adopt."

Points to make from a cycling point of view:

  • "Safer walking and cycling" is only a medium concern
  • No recognition that increases in active transport such as cycling and walking reduce the number of vehicles and improve safety

[17 Sep] A draft submission by the Greens is attached

(22 Sept) A discussion document from the Automobile Association is attached- Saving Ourselves