US Federal Transport Policy supports investment in more cycling

"Today, bicycles continue to provide mobility and freedom to many people in the U.S. who don't have driver's licenses, don't own a car, don't have access to public transit, or simply don't want to drive.

President Obama understands that.

And when cycling advocates see me exhibiting my enthusiasm for more bicycling and pedestrian options, it's out of this Administration's desire to give people more flexible, convenient, and
affordable options when it comes to getting around.

Proposal: CAN calls for higher driving standards including retesting

Since CAN presented the 3,500-signature petition and 9-point plan in 2008, have we seen enough action to improve safety?

Driver competence is clearly an issue. So let's call for retesting.

You can start driving at around 15 or 16, and there's no check to see if you are up to date with road rules, just an eyesight test every 10 years.

Let's require drivers to demonstrate their competence evey 10 years. There's a duty of care that goes with operating a vehicle that can kill.

What else should we call for?

DCC Transportation Strategy -Your City Your Future


This important document features relevant recent graphs, figures and statistics related to cycling within an integrated city-wide transportation strategy.

Listing of specific Dunedin cycling proposals and the funding that is required for each. 



Dunedin Cycling Strategy


Included within this document; text, photos, and the council's way forward from 2004 {!}

"The purpose of this strategy is to encourage participation in cycling and address cycling safety. This will require taking steps to overcome the challenges that inhibit more Dunedin people from choosing to cycle and make it a more attractive option" 

"Cycling must be promoted within an integrated transport system for Dunedin. This integration will be achieved by ensuring that the policies and strategies relating to amenity, traffic management, road safety, parking, public transport, walking and cycling are effective and properly integrated" 


36 pages, .pdf format