US Federal Transport Policy supports investment in more cycling

"Today, bicycles continue to provide mobility and freedom to many people in the U.S. who don't have driver's licenses, don't own a car, don't have access to public transit, or simply don't want to drive.

President Obama understands that.

And when cycling advocates see me exhibiting my enthusiasm for more bicycling and pedestrian options, it's out of this Administration's desire to give people more flexible, convenient, and
affordable options when it comes to getting around.

Now, the transportation budget President Obama proposed to Congress is a big, bold vision for the next generation of American transportation. And walkable, bikeable, liveable communities are a central part of that vision. The President's 2012 budget would boost funding for pedestrian and bike-friendly communities to $4.1 billion. And the Administration would like to see these essential resources included in the next six-year transportation legislation. ...

There will always be cars and trucks, and Department of Transport will always be committed to keeping America's roadways the safest and most efficient in the world. But those roads belong to all of us, including those who get where they're going on two wheels instead of four."

US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood