Rotorua Cycle Action

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Rotorua is well established as one of the most exciting centres for MTB in New Zealand. It is also a great a great place for road cycling, BMX and for simply riding across town. Rotorua Cycle Action is a voice for all cyclists: recreational, competitive, commuter or tourist. We seek to create a safe environment for cyclists in Rotorua, and to promote the joy of the bicycle to as many people as possible.

The Rotorua Bike Festival is a huge community event & takes place in February.

If you are keen to help us advocate for cycling in Rotorua join CAN now at and check the box for Rotorua Cycle Action.

We will keep you notified of important happenings relevant to cycling, give you the opportunity to help us advocate for cycling in Rotorua, and even invite you to the occasional meeting.


RCA's past projects concentrated on biking to school. The East side Schools project concentrated on the four schools in the Lynmore - Owhata neighborhoods and involved enhancing and promoting the safety and visibility of key school cycling routes in the area. 

The programme looked at improved bicycle access at school entrance ways, reduced traffic speeds and new off road cycleways where necessary. Improved facilities for bike storage and security at schools were also proposed. 


Cycling advocacy group for the Rotorua region