Bike Lanes in Paradise

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2010: We have finally won a cycle/ walkway around the coastal highway at Pohara, connecting a cluster of homes to the shops and giving safe access to VRU's in that area frequented by tourists and residents. We had to fight the original plans put forward by TDC which was to widen the road! The plans were a waste of ratepayers money and years later new plans were presented with a better solution, including a cycle/ walkway. We were very pleased in the end, as the final meeting re the plan and the inclusion of our iconic band rotunda was well attuned and a great result for cyclists and all VRU's.

The Annual World Naked Bike Ride drew a record crowd (110 people attended and cycled 2km) in Golden Bay on March 13, 2010, and allowed for ample press for our core messages, including the benefits of cycling. This was the seventh annual naked bike ride.

BLIP printed 300 orange post cards pre-addressed to Steven Joyce asking him to make our roads safer for cyclists and to support the 1.5 meter passing rule being made into law. Golden Bay and other "ribbon developments" need this rule as there is no way to afford the cycle lanes in many of these rural/urban developments.

Cycling advocacy group - Bike Lanes in Paradise, Golden Bay