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Want something fixed?
For any road maintenance issues (aside from for SH1, SH58) contact the PCC call centre 237 5089 and they'll raise a request for the contractor.

Same approach for cycleways, pathways (or any other Council service for that matter). Best way is to get in touch with the call centre and they will direct the issue as appropriate

Last meeting for MCG for the year: Next thursday, December 2. Meet at the Rockz, 7.30pm.

Here are some items to discuss. If you have others could you pass them around before the night.

1. Feedback from the winner bike fixup day
2. Nathan talk to us about the 'Porirua family bike day' in Feb and raise some ideas for our involvement
3. Robin/ (Claire Pascoe GWRC) talk to us about the 'bike buddy' program
4. Andrew? Agree on a submission on the Tawa/Porirua rail cycle track and submit this
5. Resubmit our 10 point bicycle infrastructure ideas to PCC in letter format and ask to hear back on what has come of it.
6.Sean on where things are at with the incorporation process
7. Application to Community Grants trust to buy a bike trailer for a club presence and tools/first aid carry at bike events - need to be incorporated first

The Mana Cycle Group, (MCG) is a group of people interested in working together improving cycle access, safety and opportunities in the Porirua, Tawa, and Mana region.
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Te Ara Harakeke
Te Ara Harakeke

: Thu 1 July 2010, 7:30pm at Murphy's Bar, Cobham Court

Porirua cycleways - Porirua City Council info

Porirua Transportation Strategy Development

Porirua City Council is in the process of developing a transportation strategy for the District. As an initial part of this process, a wide range of stakeholder organisations were contacted in 2007 for comments and ideas in relation to the following aspects of the strategy:

a) a scope for a full transportation strategy;
b) a walking and cycling strategy; and
c) a travel demand management* strategy.
In 2008-09 a draft of the full strategy was created based on the Scope document that had already been developed.

Public Consultation

Full public consultation was to be undertaken on the draft of the full Transportation Strategy in 2009/10 but no funding for the project was included in the Annual Plan. 

It is hoped that the funding including in the draft Annual Plan for 2010-2011 will be approved and the full pubic consultation on the Transportation Strategy will be be resumed, and it is anticipated that this will be in late 2010.


Cycling advocacy group for the Porirua, Tawa, and Mana region