Finding and Keeping Volunteers

Volunteers are very special people and more effort must be made to keep them
involved and engaged. By looking after our volunteers and providing them with
greater support, we are not only showing them how much we value them but we
are increasing the chance that they might continue to support sport and recreation in
some capacity.

Sport & Recreation New Zealand (SPARC) has identified improving volunteer support
for sport and recreation organisations as a key factor in achieving higher physical
activity levels for New Zealanders. We want to help create a sport and recreation sector
where there is a high level of volunteering and where the contributions people make
through volunteering are actively supported and valued.

The purpose of this document is to provide information, from research, that supports
and encourages sport and recreation organisations to develop better volunteer
management practices in order to provide quality volunteering experiences and
ultimately encourage more New Zealanders to step forward and volunteer.