Top 50 Cycling Blogs

From - No. 1 Cycling Blog 

From - No. 1 Cycling Blog 

This list shows a collection of the best cycle blogs in the world. I hope it helps you discover something new. It took me absolutely ages to put together, so if you enjoyed it I would hugely appreciate any tweets/stumbles/diggs. Some notes on the list:

  • It was calculated by looking at over 100 cycling blogs

  • The rank is based on a number of elements such as Google Pagerank, Twitter Rank, Alexa Rank, number of comments and Technorati Authority

  • Certain blogs have been excluded where the primary focus of the site was not really on the blog as I felt this would be unfair

  • I have not included London Cyclist on the list for two reasons. 1. It is clearly an awesome blog 2. I did not want to be seen as biased

  • Where blogs have a twitter account I have linked to this in the rank number on the left

  • You may look through the list and think: “Why didn’t you include X blog” – I realise I may well have missed a great blog so apologies if I have but these are all the ones I could find in a reasonable time frame. Feel free to email me any suggestions for future lists