cycle facility design

Cyclists at road narrowings

Traffic calmed streets offer a more attractive environment for cycling, by reducing motor vehicles' speeds to a level more compatible with the speed of cyclists. But cyclists have expressed concerns about the design of some traffic calming features such as those which involve narrowing of the carriageway. A common feeling is of being 'squeezed' by cars within the narrowing, or being pressured by cars follwing too close behind. This leaflet provides design advice for traffic calming which also accounts for cyclists' concerns.

Innovatory cycle scheme London-King Street, Hammersmith contra-flow cycle lane.

A contra-flow cycle lane has been provided in King St,London, as part of a scheme enabling cyclists to avoid busy one-way system of Hammersmith Broadway. Publicity on innovative cycling facilities aims to draw to the attention of local authorities practical ideas for increasing the safety of cyclists in their area.


Adlockers offer security and style that professional cyclists will admire. Proudly NZ-made, quality steel, these lockers are the ultimate defence against bike theft, vandalism and weather damage. Adlocker dealers provide a supply and installation package to suit your cycle parking requirements and budget.

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User acceptability as the basis for performance-based specificiations for a major cycle facility.

User expectations are a key driver of asset maintenance standards (of cycle paths, trails). The paper describes the process for selecting sites, measuring the physical characteristics of cycle paths, obtaining cyclist ratings, and correlating these ratings with the physical measurements.