Complete Streets: Island Bay - CBD cycle route: briefing to Newtown Residents Assoc

Complete Streets
streets for everyone

Island Bay - CBD cycle route: briefing to Newtown Residents Assoc
17 June 2013

What's your favourite parts of Wellington?
Harbour, parks, Cuba St, Lambton Quay, Riddiford St during Newtown Festival

Fvourite cities?
Venice, Paris, Las Vegas - make a point about what makes these favourites - easy to walk, lots of people, lively streets

WCC has $2 million + for this project
See it as a win-win-win, with many benefits, such as

quality of life, streets are quiet and safer, less chance of car getting side swiped, better public space. Safer speeds are a popular and low-cost improvement e.g. Aro St, Thorndon, Golden Mile.

More people on bikes is great for business
Lower fuel and health bills means more money spent locally
NYC, 49% increase for local businesses
Building owners get better returns

With safe bike lanes people are less likely to ride on footpaths

People on bikes

less 'side friction' = quicker journeys, less pressure on parking

Public health
lower health costs, healthier people
Wellington is bottom of the list for cycling safety in NZ - a shameful fact

Half the cost is paid for by NZTA - a bargain

Property owners
Properties near Complete Streets are worth more

What's next?
WCC will start community engagement later this year.
I'd like to hear your views.

Residents of other suburbs who use Newtown as a free carpark during the week - is this a good thing or not? Do they shop in Newtown, or just hog the car parks?
Hospital visotors 'need' parking
Constable St - room for bike lanes?
"I'm desperate to ride a bike." said one person at the meeting

Groups audience: