Cycling is the new golf

caption: Hagley Park, Christchurch

Wellington City Council is proposing to build a safer cycling route from island Bay to the Wellington CBD.
No one thinks making people cycle up busy Island Bay Parade and Adelaide Rd is a good idea. What are the best ways forward?

A DomPost story quotes Ray from the golf club and Paul from the Council but no cyclists.
Here's our 2 cents.

Good on Ray for defending his turf. The golfers have worked hard to revive the Mornington club, and it's no surprise they are cautious about proposals for a walking / cycling path.
It's often said, people are entitled to their opinions, but not their own facts.
So what are the facts?

1. No decisions have been made, with WCC consultation starting next month.
2. Cycle Aware Wellington has made three offers to meet with Ray and discuss. He declined.
3. CAW held a well-attended public meeting in August 2013 to let people know about cycle route proposals.
4. People on bikes already use the golf course route, with no problems. A path could reduce any risk by directing people away from golfers.
5. Many golf courses in NZ share with walkers and bikers e.g. Shandon / Hutt River Trail, Hagley Park in Chch.
6. The land is publicly owned.
7. Plans for a walking/cycling route are in the Town Belt Management Plan 2013.

Full marks to Ray for defending his turf, but let's avoid the scaremongering, and work this out together.


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If it works in Queenstown, in Hagley Park, and Lower Hutt, why not Wellington?

"Best ridden from Arrowtown to Queenstown, this trail
heads through Millbrook Golf Course and across Slopehill
Road before dropping down along the Shotover River and over
the historic Shotover Bridge"