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BikeNZ is coming to you to share our vision for New Zealand cycling


Let's Talk!

Our vision is to be a nation embracing cycling- providing more quality cycling opportunities for more Kiwis.

To achieve this, we’re working alongside you, our cycling community, to develop a unified five year national plan - something New Zealand cycling has never had before.

We have listened to the needs of our community and mapped out a plan that we believe will propel New Zealand cycling to even greater success.

The national plan involves the whole cycling community, across all levels and all codes, whether you are a rider, parent, coach or commissaire. It will address the needs and challenges faced from the grassroots right up to our elite athletes.

In January we will distribute the Our Bike Plan, followed by a membership discussion docucment in February.

The BikeNZ team will be travelling around the country in March 2012 to share the Bike Plan, talk about what it means for you and listen to your ideas.

If you are unable to pariticipate in a road show you will be able to provide your feedback via email.

Put these dates in your diary now:

Monday 19th March


Tuesday 20th March


Wednesday 21st March


Thursday 22nd March


Monday 26th March


Tuesday 27th March


Wednesday 28th March


Thursday 29th March


Monday 2nd April