Councillor on a Bike

Short Film: Councillor on a Bike

Jackie Fristacky’s excellent day on wheels. This is the story of the day I spent following ( on a bike) a very inspiring politician around the streets of Yarra city, which is part of Melbourne.  Jackie has been part of a push which has seen Yarra city climb to the highest rate of bike commuting of anywhere in Australia. Jackie Fristacky’s story might look like just another movie on YouTube. But actually it’s a very special tool for change, at least potentially.

Short Film: Doctor on a Bike

And here’s a companion story, another busy professional who, not only uses a bike on the job but, like Jackie, has interesting ideas about how bikes can make our lives better. This is Ian Charlton, The Doctor on a Bike. Seeing patients, Ian prefers to prescribe a bike than a pill.

Indeed, Ian believes that if we were to increase our exercise through cycling and walking, we could get off those lifestyle pills so many of us now take. He’s got me off. A year ago I was taking six pills. Now, I take one.

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You can see all of Australian documentary maker Mike Rubbo's great little videos on ( topics including but not limited to )utility cycling on his youTube channel here:

Alan Preston in Mangawhai, Northland.