CAN Do 2011 session 7: CAN Strategic Plan and Portfolio Groups, Kapiti Cycling

CAN Do 2011 session 7: CAN Strategic Plan and Portfolio Groups, Kapiti Cycling

CAN Strategic Plan and Portfolio Groups

Presented by: Graeme Lindup (CAN)

Strategic plan from 2007-2009: focus areas were Money, People and Delivery.

Strategic plan from 2009: focus areas are: Governance and Delivery.
(delivery).  This led to the proposed split between CAN Board (governance) and Portfolio Groups.  Haven't yet fully achieved the split between board and portfolios.

Some of the portfolio work is done by staff (Patrick Morgan)- group/member support, communications/website, contract delivery, revenue, campaigns.

Portfolio groups:

AdministrationAdrian (membership), Elaine (finances)yes
Group/member supportPatrickyes
Policy/adviceJohn Lieswyn maybe 
Communications/websiteStephen, Patrickyes
Contract deliveryPatrick, Jenayes
Activities/eventsNot sure  
RevenuePatrick, Anneyes
  • CAN Board: possibility of bringing in people from outside with particular skills.  Barriers: have to pay them- reliant on revenue stream.
  • Portfolio groups- haven't reached critical mass, often driven by only one person.  Earlier debate about possible need for an overall portfolio coordinator.  Do need a leader for each group.
  • Since we took on the Networking Project, have had to devote time to managing staff etc., not so focused on lobbying.
  • Voluntary groups everywhere are having trouble getting/retaining volunteers.
  • Can't go back to old purely voluntary model.
  • Difficulty with local/national volunteer split.
  • Maybe taking on too much: e.g. lots of policies unfinished.
  • Opportunity to make fuller use of the CAN website for bringing in contributions from locals- in between CAN Dos?
  • Useful to have smaller regional get togethers like last year's Waiheke one?  Could have them focused on addressing one issue.

Kapiti Cycling

Presented by: John Baldwin, Lynn Sleath (Kapiti Cycling)

  • Kapiti Cycling is a small group: 14 individual members, 3 supporting organisations
  • Riding on the back of Liz Mikkelsen's efforts- less progress this year since she stepped down
  • John is on the local Road Safety Advisory Group, which was very vague on objectives- now revised thanks to John's efforts
  • First 40 km/h zone in Kapiti- took 15 emails to do it
  • One win can make other ones easier
  • Committee- meet at a cafe.  Liz is still running OCEAN, just launching into a bike-lending business
  • Otaki Main St upgrade- controversial
  • Kapiti Expressway is coming- may have a cycleway included. Want East-West flow maintained- crossings.
  • Cycling numbers increasing- 10% increase last year according to KCDC
  • Kapiti Rd still rough- won't be developed until airport and shops done
  • Marine Parade extension- nearly 1 km long.