CAN Do 2011 session 10: Share The Road initiatives

CAN Do 2011 session 10: Share The Road initiatives

Presented by: Graeme Lindup, Glen Koorey (CAN)

Before June 2012, we need to decide what ongoing work we would like to do for NZTA.

Last May's bid had a lot of 'safer road user behaviour' components, which didn't get picked up, including:

  • develop/disseminate Share The Road guidance
  • provide specific guidance for various interactions
  • share the path guidance
  • provide material on legal situations, especially grey areas
  • guidance on implementing lower speed limits
  • develop material for Councils etc.
  • provide variety of media for key messages
  • road user training workshops
  • focus on obligations of both cyclists and other road users

Brainstorming for NZTA proposal- more ideas:

  • Single website for resources- with separate branding. Could have local sub-pages- though would be hard to maintain.
  • Resources (including print, video)- best practice (situations, guidance); legal/Road Code.  Cycle Aware Wellington and Cycle Action Auckland are already working on video resources.
  • Speed limit reduction: process/website; success stories
  • Getting school kids to produce short video clips on getting more kids cycling
  • Resource for new commuter cyclists