CAN Do 2011 session 6: CAN policies, Cycle Action Waikato

CAN Do 2011 session 6: CAN policies, Cycle Action Waikato

CAN policies

Presented by: Graeme Lindup (CAN)

  • We need policies for when asked our position on specific issues.
  • Graeme outlined the policy development process.  (Does CAN Forum still operate? only intermittently.)
  • Interactive session: priority levels of policies under development were revised.

Cycle Action Waikato

Presented by: Robbie Price (Cycle Action Waikato) and Julie Roe (CAN)

"2011-an analogy along Wairere Drive"


  • Trying to grow. Spending hundreds of millions of dollars on development, four-laning, ring road, inner city bypass, expressway
  • One of the National Cycleway routes to go through the middle of Hamilton
  • City has $400 million debt
  • Traffic issues
  • NZTA is no longer co-funding active transport
  • Building for peak traffic

Cycle Action Waikato

  • 24 paid members, 6 active, 3 executive, 175 Friends
  • Focus mostly on plans and consultation. Good relationships with Hamilton City Council Sustainable Transport group, Living Streets, Disability Access.  Meet with NZTA staff.   Manage fleet bikes.


  • Crisis control measures. Debt crisis- 100% cut in capital works in 10 year plan.
  • Some new infrastructure: Wairere Drive extension, Te Awa river ride, river trails, National Cycleway projects.
  • Continuing issues- Wairere Drive great to ride on but misses shopping centre, The Base, major Wintec campus- doesn't go anywhere.  River Pathway- often closed, underwater for a month each year.
  • Where do we want to be?  Moving focus from infrastructure more towards the social side.  Frocks on Bikes: one event in 2011, organised by University. Bums on Bikes: getting people out of commuting by car.
  • Cycle training: signed three year contract with Hamilton City. One fulltime team member,  $150,000/year funding. Focus on year 6 (10 year olds).
  • Some 40 km/h zones going in.
  • Recent research carried out by Beca - surveyed NZ shops and shoppers. How much spent- motorists spent only slightly more per visit, but others visited more. If the cost of parking is included, cycle/walking win hands down.