CAN Do 2011 session 2: Outline of NZTA 'Safer Cycling Programme'

CAN Do 2011 session 2: Outline of NZTA 'Safer Cycling Programme'

Presented by: Glen Koorey and Graeme Lindup (CAN) - PDF presentation (2MB)


  • May 2010- initial proposal to NZTA- more of a safety focus than the previous Networking Project
  • Nov 2010- cycling fatalities, then BikeNZ joint media work
  • Dec 2010- invited to prepare joint proposal with BikeNZ
  • Feb 2011- revised proposal, MoU with BikeNZ
  • Mar 2011- started the project.

Project runs over 16 months and has $340,000 funding from NZTA.  It has three components:

  • cycle instructor training (led by BikeNZ)
  • road user workshops (led by CAN)
  • Share the Road (led by CAN)

A joint steering group with members from both CAN and BikeNZ was set up to oversee the project.

Cycle Instructor Training

Glen showed a diagram showing the various components of the training programme, including:

  • cyclists (grades 1-3)
  • instructors- CAN, Police, others
  • NZTA
  • trainers of instructors
  • instructor assessors
  • Skills Active
  • NZQA (for trainers, not for cyclists)

CAN/BikeNZ tasks:

  • develop instructor training resources
  • instructor training courses
  • ongoing instructor support


  • grade 1 training manual produced (including material on how to teach), grade 2 and 3 started
  • 6 training courses delivered, over 100 participants
  • grade 2 course in late November
  • details of trained instructors online, plus other online resources; 7 assessors available

Costs for instructors:

  • $75 for 2-day course, subsidised
  • $75 /year for ongoing support
  • NZQA registration ($75?)
  • Skills Active assessment ($125) + ? to assessor

How to ensure quality is kept up (repeat assessment)?

Road User Workshops

Workshops aimed at increased understanding between cyclists and two different road user groups: bus and truck drivers.

CAN/BikeNZ tasks:

  • 8 bus workshops
  • 7 truck workshops
  • ongoing trainer mentoring/support
  • other road user interaction resources
  • look at delivery to other road user groups (taxis etc.)


  • lots of bus workshops, not so many truck ones (reasons include: more fragmented industry, smaller operators, timing problems etc.)
  • formats: working well for bus; more driver focused
  • need to adapt a bit for trucks- smaller cab, can't use for classroom
  • tie in with RTA "Pit Stop" sessions? just dialogue, no on-road training
  • use Interislander?
  • 2-day Whangarei model?


  • posters, certificates
  • resources for facilitators
  • driver invitations before workshops
  • who is this? breaking down barriers


  • Julie Roe, Marilyn Northcotte, Stu Bell
  • Target November 2-4 road user workshops
  • Cycle Buddies course?

Share the Road

CAN/BikeNZ tasks:

  • engage with road user groups
  • report for NZTA-review, key audiences, messages
  • proposed campaign to implement
  • pilot one or more campaigns

Behaviour goals: understanding rules, safe movement, less aggression.

Used Tamaki Drive (Auckland) as a case study:

  • original group of four who wanted to 'take the lead'
  • grown to 28
  • focus on bunch riding (often perceptions of 'roadies' transfer to other cyclists)
  • develop protocol, ride leader training, website resources

"The Good Bunch"

  • business card sized rules summary for bunch riders- e.g. keep to two abreast, 20 rider limit on bunch size, 200 m between bunches, follow the rules and leader's instruction
  • comments: good response, seen as a model that could be applied elsewhere
  • building relationships with other agencies- RTANZ, RTF, AA, Auckland Transport


Input into "Tips for Cyclists/ Motorists" resource.

Longer term:

  • seen as a "kick start" project
  • more potential with Share the Road
  • need to put forward some proposals to NZTA.