TV Good Morning: Cycling advocates say 'us vs them' attitude needs to go

Glen Koorey from the Cycle Action Network examines the sentence handed down to Kristy King on three charges of careless driving causing death.

Screened today, 15 Feb 2011:


Drivers need to be re-tested every ten years and it needs to be harder to get a driver's license, cycling advocates are saying

Cycling safety advocates are adamant it needs to be harder to get a driver's licence.

The call follows the sentencing yesterday of Morrinsville woman Kristy King, whose car ploughed into a group of cyclists last year, killing three.

Cycling Advocates Network spokesman Patrick Morgan wants all drivers to be re-tested every 10 years.

Mr Morgan says it is not good enough that people can get their licence in their teens, and then not be re-tested for decades.

He says it sends the message that once you have your licence, you are on your way.

"I think it's far too easy to get a driver's licence in New Zealand and I think the crash in Morrinsville really underlines what a serious responsibility it is," he says.

Mr Morgan says there is no silver bullet to prevent this sort of incident, but better roads will also help.