Bike On project launched in Hawkes Bay

Bike On NZ is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to get everyone in New Zealand to experience the joy of biking.

How does Bike On plan to achieve their aim?
By privately funding a number of different projects (eg Bikes in the School and Teenage
Girls on Bikes) and then analysing and assessing their success rate. Funding (private and public) will then be secured via a non-profit charitable Trust to enable the most successful projects to offered across New Zealand.

Bike On believe that the return on these high performing projects will be substantial due to the many positive outcomes they will generate.

What are the current Bike On NZ projects?
Bikes In The Schools Project

What is the main objective of the Bikes in the School project?
To ensure all junior primary school children have an opportunity to experience the joy
of biking and the flow on benefits such as increased health and HAPPINESS, increased
confidence and self esteem, and increased balance.

Prime Minister John Key launches Bike On at St Mary's School, Hastings, on 19 February 2010.