BikeNZ and their bike plan


BikeNZ whole of bike plan:

BikeNZ are proposing major changes to the structure of sports cycling in NZ that will affect all the cycling codes (road, track, BMX and MTB) and other activities such as school's cycling.  A copy of their draft plan is attached as a PDF file.  For those involved with sporting cycling, the proposed membership model is also now available and feedback on that is also invited.

The BikeNZ proposal will see activities that were previously managed by the codes move to BikeNZ and currently draft service level agreements are being negotiated between them and BikeNZ to cover off the delivery of these sports.  One of the aims is to simplify the membership structure for those who belong to affiliated cycling clubs plus tap into the recreational market for additional members by offering benefits etc.

BikeNZ are holding a series of meetings around the country to outline their plans.  Anyone interested is welcome to attend to hear from BikeNZ regarding their plan and for them to listen to your ideas:

Venues etc:
Monday 19th March - Auckland
Tuesday 20th March - Cambridge
Wednesday 21st March - Napier
Thursday 22nd March - Wellington
Monday 26th March - Nelson
Tuesday 27th March - Christchurch
Wednesday 28th March - Dunedin
Thursday 29th March - Invercargill
Thursday 29th March - Queenstown
Monday 2nd April - Whanganui

All roadshows are from 6-8pm with the exception of the Invercargill roadshow which is from 12-2pm.  Details for each of the locations can be found here.


The production of this draft plan is believed to have been driven by a Sport New Zealand (formerly known as SPARC) requirement of BikeNZ.

What does it mean for cycling advocates and CAN?

BikeNZ made a decision over a year ago to have no sole advocacy role within their organisation.  Their intentions are to play a supporter role to CAN and the main aim of their plan is to sort out recreational and sporting cycling.  The active transportation aspect of cycling advocacy has been informally agreed with BikeNZ for CAN to take the lead on.  

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between BikeNZ and CAN in March 2011 setting out how the two organisations would work together and share information in a way that is intended to facilitate a sustainable strategy aimed at achieving their respective goals and objectives.  We have also a joint media guide that is used when items get into the national press and in there is a framework on how the resposnse to media queries is jointly handled.  

Both organisations have current project work with the New Zealand Transport Agency under the Safer Cycling Programme that we are co-operating on.  The intention is to continue working jointly on projects where both organisation's expertise can be utilised.

Individual's feedback on the BikeNZ plan:

If you have any feedback on the plan and are unable to attend a road show, you're welcome to tell BikeNZ: email them at


CAN's feedback will be along the lines of:

CAN has received queries from our local groups asking how the bike plan fits into CAN's national view and it has been difficult to answer these as the draft plan was not run past us before it was finalised and issued publically for comments.  One of NZTA's aims of the contract for the Safer Cycling Programme, currently being managed by the Joint Steering Group of CAN and BikeNZ, was to allow the cycling sector to collaborate and speak with one voice.  CAN feels that It would have been an ideal opportunity to take a collaboration message of BikeNZ and CAN across the country and show Central Government and those who ride bikes in New Zealand that we are speaking with that one voice.  

However, the subsequent development of the plan provides an opportunity for BikeNZ and CAN to further work together to help clarify for those who cycle in New Zealand; for sport, recreation and for transport where both organisations fit in that space.  We share the same overall objective of getting more New Zealanders safely cycling more often.  Once there is a shared plan, it would be great to continue working together to come up with shared goals and detailed action steps for everyday cycling, e.g. increased mode share by 2016 to 5% etc.

Our comments on the actual plan document have been marked up on the various slides (copy attached).  We would have liked to see something in the 4th  or 5th slide about working with CAN and their local groups to provide a consistent voice on matters relating to everday cycling - see our suggested changes to slides 21 and 23.

Graeme Lindup
Cycling Advocates' Network Inc.
Registered Charity No. CC36909

More people on bikes, more often




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Thanks for those who have sent me comments so far.  I have put an indea of a wrap up paragraph based on what I have received to date.  The road show is going to early April, so there is some time left for you to send me any thoughts..



Reponse looks good to me. I puzzled about having BikeNZ as the link to schools. I wonder if "schools" is too broad, given that at primary school the emphasis is on bike handling schools and basic roadcraft whereas at secondary school there is more of a competitive element. Maybe CAN might be the better link at primary school level (Yrs1-8) and BikeNZ at secondary school level. This would reflect the competitive cycling that occurs more at secondary school level

David H

You're forgetting that BikeNZ has its own Learn to Ride programme; last year they trained about 4000 7-11 year-olds. So they are already one of the big players in the school cycle training sector. But historically most of that has been off-road (Grade 1) training, not on-road (Grade 2/3) traffic skills.