Central Org Relationships & Submissions Portfolio

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CAN Portfolio group for development of all relationships and communications with Central Organisations

This Group is for the development and maintenance of all relationships and other communications with Central Organisations. These orgs could include:

  • Various Govt agencies including NZTA, Min. of Transport, Min. of Health, SPARC, Police, etc
  • Political parties and their MPs (Govt and Opposition)
  • Other cycling organisations, including BikeNZ, BIANZ, CTONZ
  • Other road user groups, including Living Streets Aotearoa, NZAA, Road Trpt Forum, Bus & Coach Assn, etc

Typical activities for this portfolio include:

  • Coordination of Submissions on publicly consulted strategies, programmes, legislation, etc
  • Organising Regular Meetings with various organisations
  • Representation on relevant committees
  • Collaborating with other organisations on campaigns, media releases, etc
  • Drafting letters to external agencies

This group will also assist in writing a Central Govt lobbying/relationship plan.