Media Communications Portfolio

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CAN Portfolio group for media releases, press interviews, etc

This group provides support for CAN's media relations and communications in general. The media relations part could include:

  • Preparing and releasing media releases
  • Arranging press interviews or comment from CAN spokes-people
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key media contacts
  • Assisting with the development of CAN's Communications Strategy (which also encompasses website, publications, etc)

Additional areas covered by this group include

  • a working place for general planning and discussion relating to CAN's Chainlinks magazine and/or CAN's electronic newsletter - e.CAN . Note there is a separate (closed) website used for Chainlinks production
  • mangement of the content of CAN's website, as opposed to the nuts and bolts of keeping the site working, i.e functional, updated and secure,  which is handled by the IT support portfolio
  • keeping the various areas of communication: media, magazine, website informed on what each is doing

This group is also likely to be involved in the development of public resources and media material for CAN campaigns, such as "share the road" and lower speed limits.