Job description- Secretary

Requirements for the job of Secretary of CAN's Board


The Secretary occupies a crucial role within CAN. The Secretary is directly elected by members at the AGM and is a member of the Board.


  • Manage incoming communications (mostly emails)
  • Record minutes at Board meetings
  • Act as a contact point for CAN as required
  • Manage CAN documents and records
  • Respond to letters and emails

Duties of all Board Members

  • Attend 4 quarterly 1/2 day-1 day CAN Board meetings, including the CAN-Do and AGM, in one of the five main cities
  • Commit to 3 year cycle as Board Member to retain knowledge and build on the CAN Vision
  • Provide overall direction and management for CAN
  • Ensure 1,3,5 year strategic and business plans are in place and monitored e.g set KPIs
  • Ensure realistic goals are set for CAN and that these goals are met
  • Ensure CAN complies with company law and other relevant legislation
  • With the Treasurer, monitor CAN’s financial performance and make sure the Network remains profitable; Manage financial, legal and other risks to CAN
  • Be familiar with CAN’s policies and procedures and ensure they are followed
  • Consult with management staff on issues
  • Provide leadership and motivation for employees, volunteers and members
  • Act as a bridge between CAN including its groups and members and the outside world
  • Represent the organisation at conferences and official occasions

Additional duties of Secretary

  • Clear incoming e-mail preferably daily
  • Respond to general enquiries from the public where possible
  • Check incoming newsletters from other organisations for items of interest
  • Distribute incoming mail and e-mail to other Board members or other CAN office holders as required (e.g. membership subscriptions and renewals, merchandise orders, calls for submissions, requests for specialist advice, Chainlinks/ e.CAN material)
  • Work with Chair in overseeing the activities of the Executive
  • Store and back up CAN documents and records, and make them available to Executive members as needed
  • Record and distribute minutes for Board meetings and other events (e.g. AGM, CAN Do)
  • Act as signatory on official documents as required

Desired qualities/experience

  • Some knowledge of CAN's purpose and activities
  • Well organised
  • Internet and phone access


  • CAN membership
  • Member groups of the Network
  • Funders

Support/working relationships

  • Chair of Board
  • Other Board members

Time commitment

  • Varies during the year, but might average 3-6 hours per week


  • Working with a great bunch of people in an area of social change
  • Gaining varied and challenging experience in working with a dynamic non-profit organisation
  • Normal expenses, a per diem when travelling, and a consideration for annual communications and other costs is payable

Diagram of CAN's Structure 2018


CAN Structure Diagram