CAN Media Kit

CAN Media Kit

Advocates need ways to get their messages out to people. The media are an important way to achieve this. This pack of information is designed to help cycling groups to develop and maintain a good working relationship with the media.

Before Facebook, there was 'letters to the editor' and it's still an effective way to get your message out there. You'll raise awareness among readers, while politicians and their staff generally monitor the letters pages of newspapers and magazines.
Here's a guide and email addresses if you want to Write Letters to the Editor.

CAN wants the media kit to be useful. We'd welcome feedback on its usefulness, together with corrections and additions. Please send feedback to: Cycling Action Network,

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The media are an important way to achieve this. pressure washing Jackson MS

It's great to see efforts in supporting cycling advocacy and utilizing media channels to promote messages. Writing letters to the editor is indeed a valuable way to engage with the public and policymakers. mental health tampa florida