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Cycle Friendly Workplace

Bicycle Victoria (Australia)

Nurturing a happy, healthy and productive workplace is good for business and great for staff. Right now, members of your organisation are likely to be concerned about – and affected by – a range of issues like climate change, rising fuel prices, air pollution, traffic congestion and health matters. By encouraging your staff to cycle to and from work, you can make a positive contribution towards tackling all of these issues. The integration of cycle-friendly facilities and practices within your organisation can

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Transportation & Health 101 Toolkit

The Healthy Eating Active Living Convergence Partnership
A vision of healthy communities cannot disregard or devalue transportation. A healthy community is one in which people have access to healthy foods, feel safe, have opportunities for physical activity, breathe clean air, have access to gainful employment and feel connected to opportunity. Transportation is access, thus, transportation is opportunity.
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CAN Media Kit


Advocates need ways to get their messages out to people. The media are an important way to achieve this. This pack of information is designed to help cycling groups to develop and maintain a good working relationship with the media.
CAN wants the media kit to be useful. We'd welcome feedback on its usefulness, together with corrections and additions. Please send feedback to: Cycling Action Network, media@can.org.nz