AA's "Directions" magazine does article on sharing the road

Sharing the road: Cyclists and Motorists

Size matters when it comes to sharing the road, says cyclist and motorist, Peter King

"Imagine driving home. Now imagine you are driving home along an airport runway with jet planes landing and taking off in the lane next to you all the time. That's what it feels like to be a cyclist on many of our busy roads."

some pull quotes

"Making cycling safer isn't something that laws can really achieve"

"The answer is in everyone taking responsibility for road safety."

"New Zealand drivers are not good at sharing the road with one another, quite apart from other types of vehicles. There are lessons for all parties when motorists and cyclists share the road, so long as we get over this pointless obsession with being in the right."


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from AA's "Directions" magazine Autumn Issue: March 2010


from AA's "Diretions" magazine Autumn Issue: March 2010

Tips for sharing the road

Motorist and New Zealand rally driver Emma Gilmour on sharing the roads with cyclists...

Anticipation..., Space..., Patience...


Cyclist and CEO of Bike New Zealand Kieran Turner on sharing the road with motorists...

Consistence..., Awareness..., Visibility...


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