Hong Kong College supports CAN with a donation for cycle training

I am pleased to report that CAN has received a donation from Renaissance College, Hong Kong - but unfortunately in response to a cycling death.

As below:

"We are a school in HK, interested in donating to your organisation, and I want to request some extra information.

Our Primary School Principal Max Muller, just this week, suffered the loss of his brother Wilhelm Muller in a cycling accident. I am sure you are aware of this, as it has been reported in the NZ Herald. We would like to make a contribution in memorium of Wilhelm, so that his death works to make a difference to others - preferably cyclists - as his actions in life so often did.

Could you share with me how donations are used and what sort of advocacy works your organization does? I would like to be able to report this back to my staff here in HK, so that they know that their contributions really will contribute, in perpetuity, to the safety of other cyclists. I know that it would also mean a lot to Max and his family to have this recorded in some way."

Thank you for you help,
Adrienne Jensen
VP & PYP Co-Ordinator
Renaissance College
Ma On Shan, New Territories, HK

CAN decided to apply the donation to supporting CAN's Bikeability programme. This is a formal cycle skills training programme aimed at improving skills among new and current cyclists. Our current priority is to train cycling instructors, provide written resources such as lesson plans and training guides, and run training workshops.

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