Police Roadwatch

Police Roadwatch

Motorists Behaving Badly?

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If you have a complaint against a driver for poor driving you can ask the police take action. If it is serious you may want to file charges and request a prosecution.

For lesser offenses you can submit a Community Roadwatch report; the police send the driver a warning letter saying they have noted this incident and confirm this by letter to you. In either case the police store the report and it is available if they decide to prosecute.

If you file charges and request that the police prosecute the driver you must be prepared to be called as a witness. You do not have to use forms for complaints or statements - they are just to guide you into giving the necessary information.

Forms are available from your local police station, or complete an online submission, or view or download here.

Once completed, take it, post it or fax it your local police station or the police station nearest the incident.

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