Tribute to Fiona - CAN's South Island Network Project Officer

Today was the last day of employment for Fiona, CAN's part time South Island Network Project Officer. I want to take this opportunity on behalf of fellow advocates to acknowledge the work she has done while in the position.

Through my involvement in Spokes Canterbury here in Christchurch, I first met her when she was appointed to the position. I think by now I have got to know her quite well.

Given that she is a modest person not inclined to blow her own trumpet or hog the limelight, it will probably never be generally known the prodigious amount of work she has done.

It is not the easy stuff I am on about, the meetings and idle chit-chat. It is the ability to not only read but also understand boring policy reports, plans and strategies. The attention to fine detail and produce a polished response.To get things done. She has the respect of many transport professionals and public officers.

The encouragement, support and confidence she has given to active transport supporters throughout the South Island and beyond is immeasurable. She's been the glue that has held them together.

Prior to her appointment perhaps only 3 Mainland advocacy groups existed, now most large towns have them, due in part to her endeavours. They may be small but are very effective. You will find her quiet hand in many of the good news stories about active transport that appeared in the media over the last few years.

Lesser mortals would not have gone to work on their last day, but she was there in the office, tying up the loose ends, trying to ensure the knowledge and resources gained over the last few years is retained for future use. Not just retained but in the place it can be most effective.

Last but not least, she is the only one of the original appointees in 2006 who lasted the entire length of the scheme. A sign of her commitment to active transport. Being a perfectionist, she probably doesn't appreciate the true extent of the difference she has made.

It is my opinion that CAN has been extremely fortunate in having such a dedicated person work for them.

Nigel Rushton
Secretary Spokes Canterbury

posted on behalf of the writer

23rd Dec 2010



posted on behalf of the writer
Dear all

Thank you Nigel for expressing so well what are also my thoughts. Fiona took advocacy for cycling to a higher level, her networking skills and ability to encourage cyclists in our different communities to keep speaking to their council and set up or revive groups, her oganisational skills and sheer hard work means that her leaving is indeed a great loss to CAN and cycling progress in general. I hope that she will find an outlet, for her energy and her belief in getting people back onto bikes, with another organisation that is presently funded by our Government.

All the best for the new year to all of you (in the South without Fiona).

Regards Liz Mikkelsen (former Treasurer).

Thanks Fiona for all her activity. Today, ii the copmany, where I work, the woman, who was guru in promote android app, retired.