Peak Oil to Drive Changes in Dunedin including biking

Bikes are considered an important part of the solution.  Here was me thinking no one in officialdom cares about peak oil.  The story was carried on the National Programme today (just before 9am news) where the new Mayor of Dunedin Dave Cull, said basically get on your bike, weather is not a problem for cycling (all weather is good for cycling), as he had personally cycled to and from school in Invercargill.  (like Simon told me he did too, I think he even said he hid behind lamp posts to escape driving hail and sleet).

When your Mayor says all weather is good for cycling (even in Dunedin!) you know you are winning!

Spokes (in conjunction with Living Streets Dunedin) did a great vetting campaign of their mayoral and councillor contenders before the last election.  And Dunedin now has some fresh blood on Council with clearly some visionaries.  There is even a Councillor who was the Regional Co-ordinator of Enviroschools, and perhaps the youngest Councillor in NZ, Ginty McTavish (25 years old).

Go Spokes Dunedin, your hard work has helped get traction in Dunedin.

Interesting article in the Otago Daily Times (ODT)

Re a report on Peak Oil presented to the new Council today.