Cycling Advocates' Network Appeal 2013: Love Cycling

At CAN we're united by our love of cycling. Our objective is more people cycling more often.

Riding a bike improves our health, wealth and happiness. It also delivers significant benefits to the wider community: it boosts business, reduces congestion and makes our streets more attractive places to be.

New York cycling advocate Paul Steely White recently visited Auckland. He told us that businesses experienced a 49 percent increase in retail spending after protected bike lanes were built on 9th Avenue. Injuries among all street users fell 58 percent. That's right: better economy, safer streets.

This comes as no surprise. We know that when we invest in bicycle infrastructure, people ride more and more people ride. As more people ride, our streets become safer for everyone.

Paul called this a 'race to the top' - where cities who want to attract people, jobs and business compete to provide the best cycling environment. This race is now on in overseas cities, and we want New Zealand to be in the leading bunch. CAN is working hard to tell the story about the benefits of cycling in New Zealand with advocacy, campaigns, and projects.

Cycling Advocacy
The Coroner's recent Review of Cycling Safety called on the NZ Transport Agency to convene an expert panel to improve cycling safety. CAN will work closely with the panel to get the best possible outcomes. CAN speaks out in the media whenever cycling is in the news. We are also stepping up our engagement with business and the health sector to advance the case for cycling.

Safer Speed Campaigns
Safety on our streets improves dramatically as traffic speeds drop to 30 km/h. Our residential and shopping streets become more pleasant places to spend time. That's why CAN is launching a campaign this year, aimed at building strong public support for safer speeds and safer streets.

Road safety projects
CAN works with BikeNZ and NZTA to deliver cycle skills training, and Road User Workshops for bus and truck drivers.

CAN supports local advocacy groups to achieve their aims. Recent successes include new cycleways in Auckland, a bike-friendly City Council in Wellington, plans for cycleways in Christchurch and a campaign for protected lanes in Dunedin.

Please help us spread the good news and fight for better cycling. By donating today you'll help ensure we have the staff and resources to achieve our vision. Your support is vital to CAN's effectiveness.

CAN is a registered charity, so donations to CAN are tax deductible. If your employer offers payroll giving, you can donate to CAN and receive the tax credit directly in your pay. Please contact your employer about payroll giving.

We thank you once again and ask that you give generously.

Yours sincerely
Graeme Lindup
CAN Chair
November 2013

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