Presentation of Wellington Cycling Black Spots to WCC

Presentation of Wellington Cycling Black Spots to WCC

CAW has been collecting cyclist's views on black spots in wellington since June 2008

The attached spreadsheet lists all of these spots in Wellington.  There are also a pdf of screen dumps from google maps.  or see

the map on the homepage

The black spots have been separated into localities including

  1. Hutt Road - 17 sites
  2. Thorndon Quay - 6 sites
  3. City - 40 sites
  4. Evans Bay - from Oriental Parade to Cobham Drive - 10 sites
  5. By Pass - 4 sites
  6. Western Suburbs - 11 sites
  7. Newtown - 6 sites
  8. Southern Suburbs - 4 sites
  9. Northern Suburbs - 4 sites
  10. Thorndon - 3 sites
  11. Hataitai - 3 sites

These are going to be submitted to WCC at the Safe and Sustainable Transport Reference Group by 13th December (meeting date 15th December).

One concern that I have is that some of the infrastructure might have changed since the black spot was posted (especially Thorndon Quay)

If you would like to please provide comments on these blackspots so that they can included in the submission - due by 7pm Sunday 12 December.



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