Love to Roll - the Valentines Ride

Love to Roll - the Valentines Ride


Some of you will have already received this through the Frocks on Bikes channel but I wanted to put it up on CAN in case there was any more interest in running a similar event in other regions. This was the email that Leah Murphy sent out to Frocking chapters around the country. If you're keen to do something similar and want to share our material - let us know!

Claire Pascoe

Wellington Frocks on Bikes are busy organising a romantic extravaganza: Love to Roll: The Valentines Day Ride. (Feb 14 of course).

The ride will start at a location along the waterfront in the city; follow the bays to Kilbirnie, then follow the scenic South Coast to the Island Bay annual festival.  On arrival we will have some air time on the festival stage to announce a series of prizes!  We are delighted to have some great sponsors lined up.  R and R sport have donated a Giant Suede ladies bike (valued at $900).  Some wonderful local designers have donated vouchers: Starfish, Emma and Duncan and Prudence.  Two specialise in ladies clothes and Duncan and Prudence make clothes for the whole family!  We are also in the process of securing some vouchers for a meal for two at a special romantic restaurant.


We are grateful for support from Cycle Aware Wellington and Greater Wellington Regional Council which will be used to survey participants and promote the event.  We plan to use Survey Monkey for online registration and, well, to conduct a survey.    


Last but not least, the lovely Rhylie Alexander is creating us a fabulous poster!  Rhylie is the artist, and avid Frocker, who created the Flocking for Shopping poster (attached in case you missed it). 

It occurred to us that other regions might be interested in running a similar event.  If so we would be happy to collaborate.  We could use the same poster, share promotional activities and Survey Monkey capability. 

If you are interested please get in touch in early January!

May your Christmas be filled with lots of happy riding hours,

Leah Murphy

On behalf of the Wellington Frockers


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