WCC debates cycle improvements to Thorndon Quay 3 Dec

The WCC strategy and policy committee (effectively the whole council) will be debating Thorndon Quay – Proposed Cycle Improvements at the meeting 3 December. The report presents options and recommends consultation be carried out on the preferred option of a morning peak clearway using the southbound lanes of Thorndon Quay.

We should get a slot in the public particpation at the start of the meeting to support the recommendation.


Robert and Claire have volunteering to present to WCC on 3 Dec. Thanks!

Claire and I surveyed businesses on Thorndon Quay this morning.
Here's what we found:

A third said they would be seriously affected by loss of on street parking from 7-9am. For example, Bordeaux Bakery and the creche. Bordeaux noted they have heaps of cyclists as customers on weekends.

Another third wouldn't be affected, as they have off street parking (Midas, Tile Direct, Bedpost) or because they open at 9 or later.

The other third would be somewhat affected, as they have limited off street parking. Their customers could park on the northbound side and cross the street.

And we counted car parks at 8.30am.

On the southbound lane, we counted 158 parks. Just 35 (22%) were occupied.
On the northbound lane, there were more than 35 empty parks.
So, based on one observation, it appears there's more supply than demand.