Rotorua 'Black Spot' Cycling map

I started this a month or so ago and have only filled in bits on my regular commuting route. It is a public document so please add and edit as you see fit. The street view feature is really useful - you can drag the little orange man to any point and rotate his street level view 360 degrees.

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Good map Chris. I could add a few points. How do you edit it?

clicking the link will give you a view with the map on the right side and a text section / list of comments on the left side. there is an 'edit' button at the top of the text section (just above the 'Rotorua Black Spot' title). You can then add comments and 'flags' to various locations and save when you are done, thanks.

There is no edit button. I logged into google but no difference

i can see an edit button when i go to the link. I will try and access from another machine and see what happens. Has anyone else tried?