How to create an image *

How to create an image *

First method

To create an Image click on 'Create content > Image'.

Give it a title (this will become the image caption), then browse for the image on your computer. 

Select an appropriate gallery from the drop down list.

You can add tags, a teaser and body if you'd like to.

Select audience (generally, you will make a picture available to every website user, you you need to choose 'public' as well) then click 'Submit' to save. 

Second method

An alternative way of uploading an image to the website is to use the camera icon on the editor. The the 'add image' facility is open, click the 'upload' button. From then on, it works the same as described above.


Before loading images to the site, it is important to resize to fit the area required.

1. Measure the screen area to check the size available. Ie for within a posting maximum width is 500 pixels.

2. To measure the area - use free addon to Mozilla - MeasureIt - click and drag over area required and will display the width and height measurements.

3. To resize - if you don't have a program, go to cnet downloads and download GIMP a free program to modify images.

4. To resize in GIMP - Open image, on task bar: Image, Scale Image - alter the width number eg 500 press enter, click scale and save as resized size eg Tiger_W500.jpg

5. Load resized image onto the site

Hope this helps