How to create an Article *

How to create an Article *

An 'Article' is an item of information that is not needed after it has been posted.  Use for information, news items, informing of other permanent posts.

To create an Article click on 'Create content > Article'.

Fill in the fields (those with a red asterix have to be filled in while the others are optional). Title and body are the most important.

Under 'Groups', select an audience, usually your own group and public.

If it is a closed or working group, do not select public.

[Note that selecting your 'group' publishes the content to other members of your group. If you also choose 'public', then the content will be visible to anybody browsing the website. If you want to keep the content confined to others in your 'group', then do not choose 'public'.]

Click 'Preview' to check your post

Apply any changes required

Click 'Save' to save your post