Does the law treat killing a cyclist seriously enough? (UK)

Blame is hard to prove, but campaigners argue trifling penalties gives little incentive for drivers to change their behaviour

Is a £200 fine and three points on your licence an appropriate punishment for killing a cyclist on the road? According to Kingston magistrates' court, where last month Joao Lopes pleaded guilty to "driving while eyesight was such that you could not comply with the requirements of a prescribed eye test", it is.

New councillor walks the 'green' talk

New Hutt City councillor Lisa Bridson is proving she will walk the talk  or if not, cycle it.

Ms Bridson campaigned on environmental sustainability and said she would fight for a better deal for cyclists and pedestrians in the city.

A "big fan" of walking and cycling as affordable, convenient and sustainable ways to get around, she arrived at her first official council meeting last week by bike, having also cycled to an earlier gathering to meet senior officers.

World first: the bicycle airbag

A new Swedish invention could spell the end of bad hair days for bike riders.

A Swedish design house has created a potentially life-saving fashion accessory for cyclists.

The Hovding airbag collar has been designed to provide a safe alternative to the bicycle helmet without the detrimental effect that stack-hats tend to have on one's hairdo.

Designed to wrap around the cyclists neck like a scarf, the Hovding (which means Chieftain in Swedish) will deploy an airbag in the form of a hood if its in-built sensors detect a potential head impact.