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Memorial Ride 15 April 2014 video

CAN arranged a series of actions to protect the 1.5 million NZers on bikes. We are calling on all political parties to pledge to act on the Cycling Expert Safety Panel's report, due in Sept. Their first meeting was Tuesday 15 April.
These rides celebrate the lives of those people lost to us while cycling and to push for change to ensure these deaths stop.

CAN's Cycling Advocacy Handbook

The Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) Inc is New Zealand's national network of cycling
advocates. It is a voice for recreational, commuter and touring cyclists. We work with central
government and local authorities, on behalf of cyclists, for a better cycling environment. We have affiliated
groups and individual members throughout the country, and links with overseas cycling organisations. In
addition, national/regional/local government authorities, transportation consultancies, and cycle industry
companies are supporting organisations.

The information in this pack is based on the experience of cycling advocates like yourselves (plus the odd
politician or two). It covers the key steps in establishing a local cycling advocacy group and includes advice
on lobbying and campaigning. I hope it will help you avoid having to start from scratch. There's no one way
to run this sort of organisation, and we've tried to include
contact details for a heap of different sources of useful advice and information. If there's
something CAN could do to help you, please get in touch. Good luck with the campaigning and
happy cycling!

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