Problem sump/drain gratings

As part of the Wellington City Council's cycling strategy, the council is keen to follow up on sump gratings (sometimes called drain gratings) that are a problem for cyclists.

Sump gratings are often a problem for cyclists, particularly those with skinny tyres. In 2006 CAW did a report for the council on problem sump gratings. Have all these been fixed? Are there other gratings that are a problem on your favourite route?

Add a comment if you know of a grating that should be fixed - give the location (e.g on north side of Brown St, 20m west of intersection with Green St) and why you think it's a problem.

We'll collate this and take it back to WCC



The link to the old list didn't work, but one I know that has not been fixed is on Tory St, on the south-east corner of the intersection with Vivian St, about a metre from the intersection. It is a shocker, and is precisely where cyclists get squeezed by motorists wanting to go south on Tory at high speed, usually so they can get to the red light at Buckle St just that little bit earlier.



Jane Dawson

thanks Jane. 

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---- Alastair