Nov 2006: Problem Sump Gratings (Drain Grates)

raroa rd sump Cycle Aware Wellington has been concerned about the hazards posed by sump gratings on Wellington roads. The standard pattern parallel grating is liable to trap bicycle tires and cause accidents. Some sump gratings are sunken below the road surface, creating a hazardous hole. Many gratings are located at points where traffic forces cyclists into the edge of the road and it is difficult to avoid riding into the sump. In addition, there are gratings which are broken, and pose a hazard to small cars and children, let alone bicycles!

In September and October CAW canvassed Wellington cyclists for the gratings that they considered most hazardous. These are documented in the attached report (440 KB pdf). While CAW considers that all these gratings should be changed to make them more cyclist-friendly, five have been identified as being a high priority for attention.

CAW is following up with WCC staff.