Everything you need to know about cycle commuting in Wellington

caption: get a bike, you'll love it.

Greater Wellington Regional Council:

Visit their cycling site
for information on bike buddies, road rules, cycles on trains, buses, and ferries, cycle lockers at railway stations, cycling maps, cycle shops, groups and clubs, events and forums, and more.

Feeling Great
For information on cycling and mountain biking events happening in the Wellington check it out.

Wellington City Council
provides cycle lanes. Find out where.

Black spots for cyclists map:
Cyclists around Wellington have worked together to map the tricky bits.

Safety tips for cyclists, truck and bus drivers
includes a diagram showing blind spots

Cycling Advocates Network (CAN):

If you are interested in advocating for better cycle infrastructure or initiatives, or have
any questions on cycling, visit CAN.

Note: If you join CAN’s local advocacy group in Wellington, Cycle Aware Wellington, you have access to a knowledgeable and helpful network. As a member you also receive a 10% discount at many Wellington cycle shops.

Frocks on Bikes
sees fabulous women gathering with their bikes and their style - from winter to summer, on-road and off-road, with meticulous planning and utter spontaneity! 

Revolve: women's cycling group

Videojug offers a range of instructional cycle videos.
This includes choosing a bike, maintenance, how to stop your bike being stolen, how to do a tracksta

March 2012