Chainlinks planning for October issue 2012

Deadlines: Main articles by 22 August

Local group reports and advertising by 31 August

Who What How many words Pics Draft received Sent it to editor Final Copy received
Graeme Editorial 390  No No     
Kevin Hague Parliamentary cycling group          
Alex MacMillan Her research          
David Hawke Chch school bike track 400 Yes Yes Yes  
Michelle Rush Trip to Germany 500 Yes  No    
  Safe Kids?          
commitee/ stephen
 membership/recruitment article
committee and patrick
 marketing the bikeability project
Marilyn N.  VeloCity Vancouver report           
Jena & Graeme  Safer Cycling Programme Report  930+  Yes  Draft sent to Jena - she is looking at Monday 20th Aug.    
  Cycle touring articles            
  Getting out on your bike this spring           
MED   Nga Haerenga update          
 Jonathan Kennett  Kennett touring book 500         
 Ash or Marj  Women's cycling festival          
Amy Taylor  BikeNZ and what it does (apart from High Performance cycling)           
 Pat Morgan Bikeability workplace programme           
 EvLabs Advertsing - half page colour           
 Bernie Hawkes Bay local update           
 Dean Scanlen Dolphins on bikes           
 Max Auckland cycleway project           
 Nic Williams Charity ride           
 Simon Kingham Chch prospects           
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Thanks for putting this page up, it's been on my "to do" list for a couple of weeks. Committee did have a few ideas discussed at our last meeting and we've got another meeting this week to talk about Chainlinks contributons.


We need to make sure that this is up to date. Changes I know of are:

  • Deputy Chair - delete (or post as "vacant")
  • Secretary - replace with Acting Secretary, David Hawke,
  • Media contacts - I'm not sure if Anne Fitzsimon is still current in this role

Anything else people are aware of?

David H

thanks Davidd tose are good points. I need to check with Graeme who's handling the main media contact - him and Patrick I think, but not sure if Glen's involved too. 

Under 'e.CAN newsletter editor', replace with

Another thing I spotted was on the 'Join online or clip this form' bit (p.17 of last issue)- at the bottom it has 'Freepost 25424'- unless we have a new Freepost arrangement with NZ Post, is this just a hangover from the old one we had on the Auckland box?  If so it should be deleted.

I'm not on the list above, but I understand that I am to submit an article following up on my previous one on 'Lobbying' ... talking about progress and thoughts in the Christchurch context. Word length? 400 words or thereabouts? (guidance welcome on this).