Chainlinks photo competition: August 2010

For the last Chainlinks we used a new cover design that devoted more space for a photograph. I hope it was well received.

For the September issue of Chainlinks I'd like to find a cover photo that has a picture of cycling in action.  it's very easy for me to get pictures of cyclists riding in stunning scenery, because of where I live, but it's not easy for me to get photos of cycing in a city environment, or in places where there is significant cycling infrastructure (apart from a damn fine recreational rail trail) because of where I live.

CAN committee has chosen three focus areas for CAN to concentrate on at the moment. Chainlinks looked at speed reduction in the last issue and will be looking at the remenaing two areas of "Share with Care", and "Upping the Investement".

I'd like to see a cover photo that illustrates some aspect of these issues, for example

  • cycling in a shared road environment
  • cyclists using some well thought out cycle facilities
  • cycling in road environments where things aren't so good.

it has to be in portait format, i.e. higher than it is wide. The quality required  to reproduce well at A4 is

Ideal quality: 2516 px wide ,   3579 px high , no compression, no adjustments. If the image does not have that many pixels send as is.

Minimum quality: 1240 px wide, 1800 px high.  Minimum of 1.5Mb in size. If the file is already full of compression artifiacts, this would be no good. A file this size would have to be doubled, but a good quality file should double ok.

The prize for the cover photo will be a $50 bike shop voucher. Photos should be emailed to the usual address for Chainlinks submissions . The closing date  is 5pm on Saturday 14 August, one day after the deadline for geting short local group reports into the September Chainlinks

Photos entered may also be used inside Chainlinks.

Stephen Wood, Chainlinks Editor



Groups audience: 


Photo competition closed. I've chosen a photo submitted by Liz Mikkelsen, our treasurer. I've yet to hear from my layout editor that she thinks it will work well on the cover, but I think it will.

And the winner is ... Liz Mikkelsen, our treasurer. The photo we've chosen shows cyclists on motor vehicles riding on a bridge on State Highway 1 near where Liz lives.


At this point I haven't decided if the photo will be a surprise with Chainlinks or if I'll post a copy here.